Take a look at the newborn babies in Оk Boss kennel

бебе 4

бебе 6

Ok Boss Almond 

Best care for your best friend!

Your puppy Pomeran is watched and cared for with lots of love and attention!

  • Eating is just the best food for his age!

  • It is vaccinated and dewormed

  • Guaranteed pedigree


“I had a dog from the deer and I still want to buy from you … this alone is sufficient attestation of your qualities and the quality of the animals you have.”

Adelina Banakieva


Please check out some of the most frequently asked questions and their answers regarding the dogs from our Puppies Kennel. Sure, if you have any special questions, please do not hesitate to call us on our phones!

All kennel dogs have a proven pedigree and guaranteed origin

Yes. All of our dogs and cats participate exhibitions and competitions.

Please call and we will tell you the price!
No, they are very easy to live with.
It really depends on your ability to raise the puppy.
You will need at least 2-3 walk outs.

If you have any further questions, please contact usс!

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Expert’s advice!

Always treat love and understanding to your Pomeranian dog, it will be your faithful friend for many years and, unlike the people around you, will give you with unreserved love and gratitude!

Angel Lia aka Otis

If you want to own this little puppy, you have to take one more decisive step – click the button below and arrange a meeting with me to show you this little puppy!