Ok Boss

Ok Boss

I have been working in breeding since 1993, after graduating in Chinology at LU-Sofia. I breed dogs of the Pomeranian spitz and Singapore cat breeds.

Since 2018, I have a new breed of cats, Devon Rex.

The Pomeranian spitzs carry bloodlines from the kennels: CHAR, FINCH, CHRISCENDO, DOSMAR, BI-MAR, FOXWORTH, KONTRAPUNKT, JAN-SHARS, WEE HEART, APPOLOETTE, DOCHLAGGIE, CHRISDENS. We already have new lines imported from Russia.

All our pets live with our family, they are not caged and well socialized. We regularly take part in exhibitions and our awards are shown next to the photos of their owners. Sometimes we have babies looking for a new family. They can be show promising quality or pets. The main purpose of my kennel is to breed for quality rather than quantity, also raising healthy and purebred cats and dogs to find good and loving farmers.

I do not fertilize miners with Pomeranians, although allowed.

I do not work with the mini spitz breed.

Our babies do not leave their home before the age of 3 months, and Pomeranian spitzs can be taken to a new home after 3-3.5-4 months of age.

All babies are vaccinated, microchipped and receive pedigrees, whether they are taken for non-feral pets or for show and breeding.

Prices of pet animals are half as low as those of animals purchased for show and breeding.

SHOW AND BREAD QUALITY – The animals have no defects disqualifying them according to the breed standard – they have a correct bite, two male testes and are approaching the maximum requirements according to the standard to get high ratings and exhibitions titles and get the right to breed.

BREAD QUALITY-Animals do not have disqualifying shortcomings according to the breed’s standard, but they are not distinguished by exceptional dignity and can have acceptable disadvantages (not disqualifying). They can be used for breeding and show without expecting high titles.

HOME FAMILY-so. five quality – Animals have disqualifying shortcomings according to the breed standard and are not allowed to show and NO RIGHT TO BE USED FOR DEVELOPMENT They are offered with a non-commissioned contract and the price is half that of show and brida quality

KITCHEN WITH WEIGHT UNDER 1.2KG: Quite often in the breed are born extremely small puppies, whose weight as adults does not exceed 1.2kg. These puppies look like living toys and are much sought after, but alas, they are not toys, but living beings who are like premature babies – lifetime requires many and constant care and quite often does not outlive 5 years. Due to their small size, they are prone to various ailments that are triggered by a number of non-proprietary factors such as: severe stress, shortness of breath, overheating, frost, mechanical trauma. I do not recommend such perennials for families with young children under 10-12 years because of the high risk of trauma to the puppy as well as stress factors as well as those who first grow a dog due to the need for specific care and attention. Cultivation of such small puppies involves constant control of the environment, nutrition and frequent visits to a veterinarian because of their tendency to hypoglycaemia. The normal weight of the healthy dog ​​breed is between 1,8 kg and 3 kg, and the breed has a reverse sexual dimorphism – the females are sometimes larger than the males. This feature is related to the possibility of normal wear and tear of the natives.

Please people who are looking for super puppies to take the above information into account!

“OK BOSS” kennel operates according to the standards and requirements of FIFe and FCI.

According to their requirements, each animal for breeding must have received a minimum of “VERY GOOD” for females and “EXCELLENT” for males at an exhibition held under the auspices of FIFe and FCI. The animals received lower assessments are not allowed to breed.

A deposit is left to preserve an animal, otherwise it goes to the first to pay its value.

If the new owner fails to make the purchase, pay the amount and if the new owner fails to honor the commitment, the breeder reserves the right to seek a new owner and the deposit is not returned.

A contract is signed in two copies.

The kennel bears full responsibility for the health of the breeding and selling animals within 2 weeks of the date of sale and is available for advice and assistance in keeping our cats and dogs in their new homes.

In the case of diseases born and transmitted by the parents who have developed up to one year of age, the kennel replaces the diseased animal with a new one of the same quality, when present, on presentation of a medical certificate signed by two veterinarians independent of the two countries .

The new owners are given detailed information on the specifics of breeding and feeding of different breeds.

The kennel can not take responsibility for traumas and illnesses due to improper stocking or feeding.

Kennel “OK BOSS” works with the food of “HAPPY DOG” & HAPPY CAT “- INTERQUELL, GERMANY

Our kennel does not work with unborn animals.
My kennel was registered at the FCI in 2001, and in FIFe – in 2005,
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Thank you for your time!

With Respect: Camelia Bosilkova

Kinologist, psychologist,

National Judge 5 FCI Group, 4 Section