,,Ok Boss” Kennel for Pomeranian Spitz and Devon Rex

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Take a look at the newborn babies in Оk Boss kennel


New Pom litter 01.2020

През януари очакваме нови бебета померански шпиц. Цвят парти -

Ok Boss Daphne

Ok Boss Daphne

Ok Boss Bobo

Ok Boss Daphne

Ok Boss Daphne

Ok Boss Puppy Male

Kennel for Pomeranian Spitz and Devon Rex

I live in Sofia. I have been practicing breeding since 1993, having graduated in Chinology at LU-Sofia. I have a small hobby kennel, to which I spend a lot of free time with pleasure. For many years I have worked with the Singapore breed, but since 2018, I decided to deal with cats of the breed Deborn Rex. Men and cats of the breed Devon Rex greatly fit into the family, even when there are other pets, also young children. To view the photo gallery and genealogies of each of our pets – please click on the photos!

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“Hello, there are many like me who want a Pomeranian. The difference, however, is that I do not want him but I’m dying for him so please answer me 🙁 🙁 🙁 are there any babies and can I buy from you? “


“Hello, you have great pranks, I’ve been dying for long, but I’m just a piss. Your fluffy angels made an impression on me. They’re just great! “

Elena Markova

“Hello!! Your puppies are wonderful !! I would be grateful if you would like to write about the prices and age of the Puppies you offer. I’m interested in BRIDE class and PET grade. “


Pure Blood Pomeranians

In the Ok Boss Pomeranian, you will find only Pomeranians with a pedigree, whose parents are from the Pomeranian Spirits with a pedigree!

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